The global work community of Kiosked comes together at Calliola

Kiosked, which has been nominated the top growth company in the digital advertising development and provision industry, visited Calliola for the second time running. Kiosked World Camp is an annual event that is organised for the entire staff, where the corporate culture is cemented, and the Finnish roots of the company are celebrated. An event with up to 100 participants makes big demands on the venue, too.


Noora Suojansalo, Office Manager at the Espoo Headquarters, remembers how she and the HR Team scouted the coastal areas all the way from Helsinki to Naantali for a suitable venue.

We had already visited a few locations, but when we drove through the gates at Calliola we knew immediately that this is it! The unique setting at Calliola and its all-encompassing sense of presence is perfect for our needs.


This company that operates on four continents must acknowledge many culture-specific details – also when organising events. Senior Vice President Berit Virtanen-Thewlis, who is responsible for People and Culture Operations, says that the employees represent 32 different nationalities, and that there are numerous special requests ranging from food ingredients to accommodation arrangements.


At Calliola, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy wonderful food, accommodation facilities that lend themselves to many needs, inspiring activities and the archipelago atmosphere. Merely getting a group this big from one place to another is a challenge, and means that schedules often need to be flexible, but so was the team at Calliola. Everything has gone brilliantly! The language skills of the Calliola staff are a big added bonus for us. They also understood the very different wishes and needs very well, and truly did everything they could for us. There was never a moment where you felt that something might have been difficult to take care of or organise.


The Kiosked World Camp programme is designed together. Some of it is planned and executed by Noora and the Events Team, some is organised by Calliola or its partners. There have been boat trips, team-work locations in the surrounding nature, and outdoor games complete with obstacle courses. This summer, there was, e.g., pirating. According to Noora, for a person arriving from a world metropolis, Calliola is, in itself, a huge experience.


For many, it is a completely new and different experience to spend time in clean, fresh air by the sea, surrounded by nature – and indeed, not to mention the Finnish sauna. Indeed, our Sauna Personality contest, in which the winner is the person who shows the most genuine enthusiasm and even courage for this Finnish tradition, has become an absolute favourite. Both years, the winner has been, surprise, from abroad! 

Calliola has it all

Mia Raitanen, who organises events at Microsoft, has known Calliola for seven years now. The various units of the company have visited Calliola about ten times. Mia herself does not necessarily participate in the events that she has organised, which means that the facilities as well as the service must absolutely be in order.


Being the person who is responsible for it all, it’s worth its weight in gold that I can rely on everything going 100% smoothly. This has been the case at Calliola every time. We also want to support private service providers, and Calliola is exactly that. It’s also important for us that the place is relatively close to Espoo where our office is. We also appreciate the local food that Calliola offers.


This time, a team of 37 from the Sales Unit came to wrap up the past year and to start work on the next year. The programme included a meeting in IdeaCallio, which is in the old barn loft, an organic evening meal, and yoga. After the official agenda, it was time for a sauna, and karaoke, which has by now become a tradition, in the comfortable Venevaja.


For our evening menu, we chose delicacies from the neighbouring farms as well as vegetables of the season and berries. The food was wonderful, yet again! Our people were so thrilled about the sauna that we even had a second round late that night. Everyone was really pleased! It was a bit rainy, but even though even Calliola can’t dictate the weather, it rained conveniently while we were indoors doing yoga, Mia says laughing. 

Terveystalo management came to Calliola to jump-start the autumn season

The Management Team of Terveystalo, one of major health-care enterprises in Finland, convened at Calliola at the beginning of the autumn. Some of them had visited Calliola earlier already, but CEO Yrjö Närhinen was at Calliola for the first time.


- The level of ambition at Calliola is clearly high. To be small, but to operate big is a delicate balancing act, and Calliola has succeeded. The facilities are functional and big enough. A sense of entrepreneurship could be seen in a pleasant way – the lady of the house was present, and each member of the staff clearly takes care of their own duties and responsibilities without being told to do so. The service felt genuinely personal. At Calliola, all pieces fall into place: a nice distance from the capital region, the ease and functionality of the arrangements, the varied programme services, and the getaway atmosphere. Everything went smoothly, says Mr Närhinen.


As a counterbalance to the business-packed day, the Terveystalo Management Team continued with more casual activities in the Villa Calliola Kitchen. Instructed by the Calliola professional chef, the team first examined the ingredients and work stages of the evening meal that would be prepared, after which they set to work. Indeed, when they sat down to enjoy their meal they were much wiser as to many practical details.


– Doing something more casual together was perfect after intense meetings and reflection. Cooking together was organised in a unique way: with the Calliola chef and the wonderful local ingredients, the inspiration to cook truly was created for us. Doing something actively yourself was particularly suited to our group, which is a group that takes initiative and takes part, Närhinen continues.


The evening continued in the sauna for the Terveystalo team. Calliola has four seafront saunas, complete with lounge areas and terraces. All saunas have access to the sea for swimming. The terraces are connected by a lit seafront boardwalk. The choices of materials in the saunas show a strong connection with nature and the proximity of the sea, which are particularly important elements to the Calliola entrepreneurs Maiju and Kari Kasanen.


– It’s a pleasure to share good experiences! We in Finland tend to think that no news is good news, but now it’s time to actually pass on the good news, chuckles Närhinen.

An unforgettable birthday party at Calliola

Riitta Palomäki’s 60th was celebrated in clear, end-of-summer conditions in the Calliola archipelago scenery. Riitta decided as early on as spring that she wanted to celebrate without any concerns for the arrangements. The only option left was the complete outsourcing of the party.


– After visiting Calliola with my daughter, I knew that this is the place. There was no way that I wanted to change the venue, even though all the weekends in August were already booked by then. I was a bit hesitant about organising the party on a weeknight, but luckily all the guests managed to make it, says Riitta.


The occasion started with coffee and snacks, and continued with outdoor games. After a few hours of pétanque, Finnish mölkky, and darts, drinks were served on the idyllic terrace of the Main Building. There were 16 relatives and friends, with an age range of early twenties to 70-year-olds. And each and every one enjoyed themselves as much.


– Dinner was served at the Venevaja. Our group included both gourmets as well as those with a special diet. The menu, however, was designed so that it was the same for everyone, which was particularly wonderful. We had duck, which was absolutely fantastic. And the entire atmosphere of the Venevaja with its candles and sea scenery, excellent!


All of Riitta’s guests stayed overnight at Calliola. The accommodation arrangements were customised individually according to needs. Calliola has accommodation facilities for up to 80 persons, e.g., single and twin rooms in the old Main Building, Villa Calliola, as well as various-sized solutions in the several Villas.


– For instance, two couples in their thirties stayed in one villa. Even though they shared the communal areas, both couples had their own privacy with their own bathrooms and bedrooms. The single guests were accommodated in shared accommodation with the same principle. And of course, there were also single and twin and double rooms available, as needed. All guests were provided with appropriate accommodation.


Riitta has worked in Finnish and multinational companies for 30 years, the latest one being Uponor. In addition to her birthday, Riitta, who was even been elected Director of Finance of the Year, celebrated a new stage in her life – a shift from a day job to becoming a board-work professional. Riitta, who is known as a woman of action, found it easy to leave her party arrangements in the capable hands of the Calliola professionals.


– I’m really pleased, things went promptly, and I was kept updated constantly as to the progress of the arrangements, and I didn’t have to worry about anything. I was able to just enjoy the celebrations, which were a success and were my kind of celebrations. Just what I wanted.

The unique setting is as charming every year

The Academy of Finland was at Calliola on a Thursday in May in the Calliola Venevaja, taking in the magnificent sea view that opens up from behind the glass wall. Jarmo Wahlfors is the Head of Health Research at the Academy of Finland. This unit is in charge of preparing, introducing, execution and researching issues that fall under the responsibilities of the Health Research Committee. This was the third time for Jarmo at Calliola.


“Calliola is absolutely unique in every aspect. I already knew by my earlier visits that absolutely everything works here, so the choice for the location of our Committee’s planning meeting was an easy one. The Committee that has convened here now only started its term at the beginning of this year. The beautiful and peaceful surroundings at Calliola provide a fruitful setting for both work as well as for getting to know one another and creating team spirit at the same time. This is this Committee’s first “retreat” where the members get to know each other and hopefully us civil servants as well”, Jarmo chuckles.


People from the Academy have visited Calliola for years now. Other units, too, have found their way to Calliola. Earlier, there has been cooking in the Villa Calliola Kitchen, and outdoor games. This time, there was the sauna and an evening barbeque.

“Everyone has been pleased. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t come again if we weren’t. The magnificent setting, the excellent location, the brilliant food and friendly service at Calliola is a concept that makes it worthwhile to come here time after time. And today we got the sun as an added bonus!”

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