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Life is much like when we bake waffles. The last waffles are always the best. Then the batter comes to an end and so is about life too ... when things start to go well, it ends. After you have turned 50, you go into a new age, which I "jokingly" usually call "Pay back time" After the age of 50, you do not get more of life Instead you have to leave your body functions that have previously been seen as obvious. We already know how it all will end. And all of a sudden, I became very deep in my thoughts about life. Actually, this post was about baking waffles and that we are now approaching summer and find us in the middle of spring and why campfires, waffles in spring and summer are so closely related to each other. Now I suddenly got an email from a chef Christer who wondered if I had Facebook. I love your lovely comments especially when trying to be a little serious, like this on a Friday, the beginning of a new weekend. If he could not have asked anything about waffles or camp fires instead, then I could have said something important. Here comes my favorite recipe for waffles, good luck and wish you a nice weekend.


Calliola waffles



50 grams of butter

4 dl of wheat flour

2.5 dl cold water

2 krm salt

4 cup whipped cream




10 layers:

1. Melt the butter and let it cool.

2. Mix flour, water and salt together to a smooth batter.

3. Beat the cream thick. Stir in the cream and butter in the batter, which becomes quite thick.

4. Heat the waffle iron and lubricate it before the first layer.

5. Click in about 1 dl batter and spread it out a little. Bake until the waffle has a nice color. Eat immediately or allow to cool on a grill so that it remains brittle.

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